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About Miriam’s Beauty Brand

As the husband and wife team behind Miriam’s Beauty Brand, we are passionate about what we do. Our goal is to create affordable, holistic alternatives to many of the conventional beauty products on the market today. Since the home birth of our first daughter, we have been dedicated to cultivating and nurturing a healthy lifestyle for our family. This led us to develop a line of natural, chemical-free products to use in our everyday care routines. And now we’ve made it our mission to share these wonderful products with you, our community. Because, to us, nothing is more important than your family’s health.

Who We Are

Miriam’s Beauty Brand sources high-quality, sustainable ingredients to craft a line of affordable products for the entire family. Drawing from ancient medicinal practices, we carefully craft small batches of every skin and body care product by hand. All of our products smell wonderful, feel fantastic, and are designed to heal, nurture, and pamper you. With each Miriam’s Beauty Brand product, we aim to treat the whole person rather than only the symptom or issue. Our success is when you and your entire family feel healthy, beautiful, and free to live your best life.


1. Holistic Wellness
At Miriam's Beauty Brand, we're dedicated to promoting holistic wellness. Our products are crafted to enhance your beauty and overall well-being. We believe that true beauty starts from within, and our natural, holistic solutions are a testament to that commitment.

2. Natural Ingredients
We are passionate advocates of the power of nature. Our products are meticulously formulated with 100% natural ingredients, sourced ethically and sustainably. We avoid harmful chemicals to ensure that every product we offer is safe, effective, and in harmony with the environment.

3. Family-Centered
As a family-owned brand, we understand the importance of family. We prioritize creating products that not only enhance your health but also contribute to the well-being of your entire family. Your trust in our products is the cornerstone of our brand.

4. Empowering Confidence
We're here to boost your confidence. Our products are designed to help you look and feel your best, whether it's through a fuller beard, radiant skin, or an overall sense of self-assurance. Your satisfaction and self-confidence are our ultimate goals.

5. Affordable Luxury
We believe that everyone deserves access to premium, natural beauty products. That's why we offer affordable luxury without compromising on quality. Our mission is to make natural beauty accessible to all.

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